A New Way of Developing

ABOUT YOU is a tech company driven by the passion to develop the best products. Therefore, we constantly need to adapt our organization to new technologies, social changes and changing customer needs. We always want to be first. What do we need to achieve it?

We need freedom of choice and the mobility to work on teams or projects where we can both contribute our current skills and experiences and gain as many new ones as possible. That is why we developed a new organizational model: MOVE.

ABOUT YOU is a tech company driven by the passion to develop the best products.

MOVE offers every developer to switch teams and gain new experiences. This approach helps ourselves and our products to grow. Because, besides new experiences, we can inject the highest motivation and passion into our work – this is our biggest strength and our key to success.

MOVE is based on three pillars which make sure that we continuously learn, adapt and grow:

Open Structures

We believe in small teams which act like start-ups to support our hands-on mentality and our fast and focused way of working.

Our new model MOVE enables permanent evolution of our current setup. The new structure of topic related units and its very small teams (circles) implies specification and focus. This allows us to flexibly deal with ongoing changes and new challenges.

We have built a framework which brings the opportunity to rapidly adapt our team structures.

Striving for Excellence

We give developers the opportunity to specialize in a topic or gain experiences in a new one or even take on greater responsibility.

MOVE enables you to switch from one team to another one with a vacant position, taking the chance and accepting the challenge of a new project. If it complies with your skill set you can become the circle’s Lead Developer for a certain time and advance your leadership skills even faster. Almost anything is possible, but this is for sure: We will never get tired or blinded by routine. Instead we will strive for excellence by optimizing our skills and therefore our development. Of course you can also stay in one team and become a specialist in certain technologies or topics.

Clarity is King

What we don’t know, we can’t improve.

Therefore, in every aspect, our communication is the most transparent. Did we do a great job? We want everyone to know and celebrate. We made a mistake? Instead of acting as if it never happened, we want to discuss and learn from it. We will give you transparency in the topics across teams and explain why is something important. We do our best to be open and honest in our communication. Our technology stack and methods are based on an opinionated mindset. This means we are not following  the latest hype and instead using proven technologies (see below).

Our Tech-Stack

  • Laravel Laravel
  • React.js React.js
  • Vue.js Vue.js
  • Git Git
  • MariaDB MariaDB
  • Redis Redis
  • Angular Angular
  • Bitbucket Bitbucket
  • New Relic New Relic
  • Typescript Typescript
  • Yii Yii
  • Sphinx Sphinx
  • Redux Redux
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Lumen Lumen
  • Beanstalk Beanstalk
  • Bamboo Bamboo
  • Arangodb Arangodb
  • Ansible Ansible
  • Jira Jira
  • Node.js Node.js

Get to know our units


Our Backbone team is our latest project. As our API for all shop data-flows they renew our core IT with the goal of conditioning incoming and outgoing data-flow and ensure quick and correct data outputs. They are our „data-inspectors“: manage high volume of data, love complexity, detect errors.


Our Mobile team drives the technical development of our React Native app and mobile website. Their work is tech-driven, characterized by flexible processes, and chasing new challenges. With the goal of creating the best user experience, they aim to push our app higher and higher in the app stores.


The Checkout team is responsible for the complete order lifecycle, from customers first placing items into their baskets to handling the refund of a returned item weeks later. Between these two points the team also interacts with a multitude of internal and external players, spanning from an in-house CRM team to the external B2B order broker and multiple payment providers in a variety of countries. The applications the Checkout team maintains span from high traffic & fault tolerance api hubs to security-conscious and reliable backend processing engines.


Our BI Apps team builds ETL-tracks and develops applications for our online shop. They improve the logics behind our shop according to the newest customer data and business goals, e.g. recommendation and order logics, always with the target to create the best shopping experience for our customers.


Our Shop team develops our high traffic fashion shop, ABOUT YOU, on desktop and tablet. In 2 week sprints, they implement new features with the target to steadily improve our shop. They are our „regatta-sailors“: fast sprints, proficient, mvp-focused, and multicultural.

Become part of the innovation

Join us in shaping the future of e-commerce as we aim to climb to the top of the fashion industry in Europe.

Together as a team

We're a mixed bag - our multinational team is comprised of experts from different fields who share all the same values. We love to celebrate our successes and support each other!

New experiences and opportunities

With us, you can implement new ideas and establish processes - reset and rebuild. For us, results count, and one project chases the next. Boring? Never!

Step forward in your career

As we always say: Startup years are like dog years - seven to be exact. Your learning curve will take you to new heights, and you'll gain valuable experience for your future.

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