About Björn

Björn is Project Manager Online Marketing at ABOUT YOU. He likes Joghurt mit Keksen, Werbung mit Kraken und Handwerkertipps von seinem Bruder.

PREVIOUS ACTIVITY: Consulting and Online Marketing Doctoral Candidate
TO ME, ABOUT YOU IS: Passionate, edgy and strong in character.
FUN FACT: When it comes to clothes, he just loves that Hawaii print.

After deciding to postpone his doctoral thesis, Björn started working as a Project Manager at ABOUT YOU: He wanted to practically work with new online marketing technologies rather than merely researching them. After scaling the Swiss and Austrian shops as well as managing ABOUT YOU products on product search engines, Björn is now responsible for the retargeting channel, pushing dynamic ads. He is mostly impressed by the drive his colleagues have on a daily basis: “People are hungry for growth and are passionate about what they do. ABOUT YOU is not a predefined concept, but what we make of it.”

Björn’s advice to all applicants, is to stay authentic in the interview: “After my interview, I was very sure: that was it! But just because I put forward my own opinion I am now part of this great project.”