Our philosophy?
Be fast, stay hungry
and do it with passion!

Our Vision

A few years ago, fashion discovery happened only offline while taking a stroll through the high streets or shopping malls known as window-shopping. Although modern technology offers many advantages, most online fashion shops were just clickable warehouses where it took plenty of time to find the right product. When we started ABOUT YOU, our vision was to create the first online destination, where you can discover fashion and get inspired by relevant products that really fit your personal style - no matter, how small the screen is. We wanted to transfer the inspirational window-shopping experience to the internet as well as offer every customer a uniquely personalized fashion online shop. We work hard to achieve our ambitious goals and we aim to become the number #1 in the European fashion industry. Do you want to be part of our innovative approach and help us bring joy and ease to online shopping? Then we are more than happy to share our values with you.

We are faster than the others!

Efficient | We work quickly and efficiently to meet our deadlines. In line with the 80/20 rule, we would rather put ten smaller ideas into practice quickly than invest lots of time in the perfect solution.

Smart | We find solutions that are smart and straightforward. We split major objectives up into small steps.

Straight forward | We communicate honestly and clearly – no politics, no hidden agendas.

We stay hungry!

Hands-on | We don’t spend ages talking about ideas – we act on them. We believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting on with things.

Flexible | We don’t cling to a certain idea. New information leads to new decisions, which we are open to.

Motivated | We want to make a difference as a team and motivate one another.

We do it with passion!

Committed | We love what we do and are more than 100% committed.

Analytical | We’re passionate, but we make decisions on the basis of objective arguments and analyses.

Optimistic | We focus on solutions instead of problems. To us, the glass is always half full.

About our company culture

Office Impressions


  • Fresh fruit every day

  • Sports courses

  • Exclusive employee discounts

  • Free drinks

  • Language courses

  • Company parties

  • Help in the relocation process

  • Mobility subsidy

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Central Location

  • Company pension

  • Dog-friendly office

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