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Heavy traffic on all channels.

We optimize internal marketing processes with Performance Marketing, Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Technology, CRM, Sale & Campaign Planning and Marketing Growth. Thanks to our departments and in-house technology, an effective distribution of our campaigns on different channels is possible at all. Our online marketing experts work closely with the Brands & Advertising team and analyze the success of our campaigns on various channels.

Setting own trends with strategies instead of following them.

As a media team, we work closely with the brand, activation and performance marketing teams. Together we develop innovative and flexible media strategies. This allows us to react quickly to changes and present ABOUT YOU effectively across all markets.

Coordinating joint campaigns to grow together.

Our Sale & Campaign Planning Team is responsible for the planning, coordination and implementation of all national and international sale campaigns of the ABOUT YOU online store. We organize stakeholder management, control the projects and maintain an overview in order to make the campaigns as innovative, effective and flexible as possible.

Extract, transform, load.

Our Marketing Technology team takes care of ETL pipelines, data engineering and data processing. Through automated processes in the monitoring and alerting area, we optimize the data processing workflows and, together with the Marketing Intelligence team, ensure the growth and expansion of ABOUT YOU.

For a powerful brand image.

Our performance marketing team manages all marketing campaigns – both online and offline. In order to identify trends in the market at an early stage and make quick and at the same time high-quality decisions, we work data and KPI driven and develop performance marketing strategies of the future.

Caring for customers. Collecting insights.

Our CRM team coordinates all communications with our customers, who we reach through channels such as mail, push and onsite. In the process, our team creates analyses and reports that allow us to make quick, high-quality decisions, which we then use to develop individual campaigns.

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