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All about the branding.

Together, the brand marketing and content innovation teams define the strategic direction and develop the image of ABOUT YOU. By creating relevant content, events and products and establishing new platforms such as the ABOUT YOU AWARDS, the ABOUT YOU Fashion Week and the ABOUT YOU Pangea Festival, we create innovative formats and channels to communicate our brand.

Getting images into motion.

As the Production Team, we are responsible for the implementation of all ABOUT YOU video and photo productions. Together with the Brand Marketing and Brand Creation team, we realize every kind of content for classic and innovative marketing formats. As Brand Production, we are part of the Brand & Advertising department and help to ensure the consistent and innovative communication of ABOUT YOU.

About to create.

The Brand Creation Team is part of the Brand & Advertising Department. Here, creatives: art directors, concept designers and copywriters work like an in-house creative agency and, together with the other Brand & Content Marketing departments, ensure consistent and innovative communication for ABOUT YOU. As the creative department of ABOUT YOU, we develop and design the marketing and content strategies for our brand together. With national and international offline and online campaigns, market launches, events, product innovations and brand collaborations, we inspire, involve and acquire new customers.

Growing campaigns and customers.

We develop and produce the marketing and content strategies for our own brand as well as for cooperations with partner brands. In the Activation Marketing Department, we design and produce seasonal, sale and country launch campaigns. Our Brand and Activation Management is part of the Brand & Advertising department. Together we are responsible for the consistent and innovative communication of ABOUT YOU.

Writing fashion (hi-)story.

As a content team, we are always up-to-date with the latest fashion, lifestyle, sports, and growth topics. We provide our customers with exciting content in the ABOUT YOU online stores, our app and on our social media channels. We also organize and design film and photo shoots for 16 countries.

Giving brands a face.

As an influencer marketing team, we are looking for the right faces for internal & external: For joint productions with other brands, events and sponsoring we find talents and develop communication concepts. In addition, we engage influencers at our own mega-events like the ABOUT YOU Awards, the ABOUT YOU Fashion Week, or the ABOUT YOU Pangea Festival and also work on our own music projects.

Creating new experiences for our customers.

With national and international projects – for example the ABOUT YOU Awards, the ABOUT YOU Fashion Week as well as many influencer and launch events – we create an incredibly large reach. We see ABOUT YOU as an entertainment and media brand with direct contact to the community, which can also be used for internal and external stakeholders.

From information to inspiration.

As a social media team, we look after all relevant social media channels and implement current fashion and lifestyle topics in all formats for all platforms. In addition to fashion, it is also important to us to work up socially relevant topics editorially. We hone creative ideas, implement collaborations and share inspiring content on all social media platforms on a daily basis.

Exciting creations meet exclusive collaborations.

In addition to our own brands such as LeGer by Lena Gercke, A Lot Less – By Lena Meyer-Landrut and Dan Fox Apparel, we also collaborate with other artists and brands. Our Exclusive Cooperations team is responsible for talent communication, brainstorming of the product design, national and international marketing and the subsequent reporting of selected cooperations.

Meet the Brand Marketing & Content Employees

What do you appreciate the most about ABOUT YOU?

"Definitely the opportunities for further development and the flat hierarchies. I started as an intern in the social media team, and after a while wanted to shift my focus. That wasn’t a problem at all and was even perceived as positive by my superiors Julian and Chris. That shows that there is much trust placed in the employees."

(Aydan, Social Media Manager)

What would you advise someone who considers moving to Germany?

"Be ready to ask people for help, you can’t manage everything on your own – and that is ok! Find people who went through the same process, because they are the ones who will help you the most."

(Luka, Junior Project Manager)

What new things are you learning at AY?

"To never accept the status quo but take on new challenges every day!"

(Femke, Director Brand & Advertising)

Please complete the following sentence: "I am happy to be here, because…

"...it feels like there are no limits at AY."

(Levent, Head of Production)

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