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Brand Marketing & Content

Brand Marketing & Content

Our Brand Marketing and Content units are the most creative teams in our company. They shape the brand image and purpose by creating innovative content across all marketing channels – from social media, brand campaigns, influencer marketing, fashion stories and lookbooks to media solutions as well as other content strategies. They are crazy about finding new innovative ideas for making ABOUT YOU the most personalized and inspiring fashion platform in Europe.

Media Solutions

Our Media Solutions team is responsible for the monetization of ABOUT YOU’s audience touch points. More precisely, from the unique users on our website to the visitors of our events. They develop and manage marketing campaigns for external fashion and non-fashion brands on our diverse ABOUT YOU own-channels. In order to integrate these brands into our ABOUT YOU content, they establish native advertising concepts. To ensure an authentic customer experience, the Media Solutions team builds up long-term, strategic sales cooperations with external partners that fits to our platform.

Brand & Advertising

The Brand & Advertising team is responsible for the creation, production and implementation of our latest ABOUT YOU campaigns such TV spots, Out-of-Home campaigns, Facebook viral campaigns and marketing stunts. They strive for developing creative ideas and new ways for marketing campaigns to stimulate potential customers to identify themselves with ABOUT YOU and its brand purpose so that ultimately, they become loyal followers of our brand.

Fashion Content

Our Fashion Content team is always up on the newest trends in order to keep our customers updated about fashion and lifestyle. Whether organizing shootings for the newest trend topics or creating of newest trend stories in our online shop – our Fashion Content team is behind it. They are responsible for the whole content of our online shop, our app and social media channels.

Social Media

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ – all our social media channels are filled with creative content by our own Social Media team. Communicating with our customers on these digital channels and keeping our fashion community up-to-date on the latest trends, offers and fashion insights is our daily business.

Influencer Marketing

As pioneers in influencer marketing, we always try to stay ahead of the curve. At ABOUT YOU, Influencers and Idols are more than testimonials inside a marketing channel: We work very closely together with them to create a 360° World around each influencer. Whether it’s Lena Gercke’s Xmas Party with her family and close friends, Idol capsule collections shot in Bali or Iceland, a shooting at a yoga retreat with Cathy Hummels or setting up fashion hauls for all those followers out there – our Influencer Marketing team works relentlessly to bring the world of influencers always closer to our fans and customers.


Founded in 2017 as the biggest influencer awards show in Germany, the ABOUT YOU Awards have already become an industry standard, providing a platform for the superstars of the digital generation. In its second year, the Awards premiered on TV and more than 1.500 influencers, social media stars and international industry insiders attended the Event, TV-Show and Party in the famous Bavaria Studios in Munich. The unprecedented reach of more than 1 Billion media contacts underline the relevance and desire for this unique format.

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