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The ABOUT YOU Partner Business offers fashion brands the opportunity to collaborate with one of Europe’s fastest-growing online fashion stores for young, fashion-conscious customers across 26 markets. We offer our partners different options to drive their business and gain access to our more than 30 million strong monthly active customer base.

  • >30m
    Active monthly users
  • >26m
    App downloads
  • Up tp 90%
    brand awareness among women of Gen Y&Z


Our wholesale model enables our partners to leverage Europe’s fastest-growing fashion online sales channel and benefit from a Pan-European reach without any inventory risk. ABOUT YOU’s experienced buying teams develop collections in close collaboration with brands, buy their stock and take over all the operations as well as the inventory risk.

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Fulfillment by ABOUT YOU (FbAY)

Fulfillment by ABOUT YOU (FbAY) provides partners access to an efficient Pan-European fashion fulfillment network. Partners remain the owner of goods, have full control over the products and can independently decide on the product range to be offered. ABOUT YOU manages all customer-facing fulfillment processes by storing partners’ stock and offering warehousing, delivery to customers and return solutions. This model significantly reduces the time to market across 26 European markets, as partners can immediately gain traction in respective markets and enjoy high flexibility on their assortment while leveraging ABOUT YOU’s customer reach, easy logistics handling and high shop visibility.

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Drop Shipping

Full power and popularity of ABOUT YOU. Partner’s logistic infrastructure.

With our Drop Shipping model, partners can leverage the power of the ABOUT YOU platform by selling their assortment in ABOUT YOU’s European stores – inclusive of the DACH-region, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Partners have full control and ownership of their product range while relying on their own warehousing and fulfillment capabilities. This enables partners to offer a tailored assortment specific to the country, significantly reduce time to market and retain full control while carrying out direct deliveries and returns to the customer.

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