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Working in the Business Unit of ABOUT YOU offers you the entrance to an ambitious, young, and fast-growing fashion eCommerce company driven by the passion to develop the best customer experience. Our DNA is not only highly data- and tech-driven, but is also analytical, creative, innovative, and bold. Our business departments ensure that day-to-day business as well as all exciting projects are always on track with regards to numbers, people, reputation and the successful development of our company – both internally and externally. In our business unit, you work with smart people, have fun on the job in an open-minded work culture, benefit from a steep learning curve and gain a lot of professional experience in a short period of time.

Recruiting & HR

Why is ABOUT YOU successful and growing so fast? Because of our employees! The Recruiting team takes care that all positions and vacancies are filled with the right persons. During the recruiting process, they act as a matchmaker to find the perfect fit for ABOUT YOU and they support applicants from their first step until the onboarding as applicant buddies. Our HR-team is responsible for all employees of all levels and teams at ABOUT YOU. With an open-door policy, they create and foster our open-minded, tolerant and diverse company culture. Everyone is welcome to ask questions and get advice on work-related matters – it’s all about you!

International Markets

They are European by heart, have an analytical mind and want to explore the world. The International Markets team has big plans for the future – they want to cross borders, find new opportunities and expand our vision as Europe’s most personalized and inspiring online shop into markets. Our International Markets teams identifies relevant business fields and expansion opportunities in Europe ensuring our presence in important emerging markets.

Customer Service

The very core of our business is the customer. That’s why the ABOUT YOU Customer Service team does its job with so much passion and devotion. ABOUT YOU inspires people to find their perfect outfits and styles to express themselves freely – but our mission is not ending with a completed order. The Customer Service team supports our customers at every step during the shopping process and solves potential issues in a forthcoming and proactive way ensuring the best customer experience possible.


Dealing with numbers in an organization, which is growing so fast is a daily challenge. In our Finance department, a lot of exciting projects are waiting for those who love numbers right down to the last detail. The Accounting team works process-oriented and is in charge of all payment flows within the company. The Controlling team supports the Management team with reports, analyses, and forecasts when making strategic financial and planning decisions.


The Logistics team ensures the functioning of the company’s lifeline: the fastest and best delivery service for our customer. Once an order is placed, the Logistics team highest priority is to complete the customers’ shopping experience by making them happy ensuring a fast and uncomplicated delivery or return. For providing an extraordinary customer experience, they continuously advance our logistics processes and always keep an eye on all relevant key figures and work flows. Therefore, the team manages our warehousing and develops collaborations with national and international logistics suppliers.

Business Development

The Business Development team strives always for more, aiming to boost the company’s performance to the next level – they push the continuous development of ABOUT YOU’s business model. The business analysts of the Business Development team are in the driver’s seat when it comes to achieving our ambitious goals and future visions. Therefore, our Business Development managers work hand-in-hand with our managing directors and serve as their counsels for advice and support in strategic business decisions.

Corporate Communications

The voice of ABOUT YOU is our Corporate Communications team. They are driven by the ambition to put ABOUT YOU in the public eye, mouth and mind. Therefore, the team defines, develops and controls our company’s narrative in close collaboration with the brand and content teams as well as our managing directors. The team creates compelling stories, integrated across all channels that resonate with multiple stakeholders, from employees to the media, B2B and B2C clients, investors, regulators, and NGOs.

Meet the Business Employees

Please complete the following sentence: I'm happy to be here, because...

"…I work in a great team with fantastic colleagues. ABOUT YOU is a good place to learn, develop, gather unforgettable memories and make international friendships.”

(Lazar, Country Manager Hungary)

How would you describe the working culture at ABOUT YOU?

"ABOUT YOU is like a well-stocked wardrobe - colourful and with something for everyone. One thing they all have in common is that everyone is open to exchanging and pushing forward new ideas. As a result, communication and decision-making chains are short and progress can be made quickly. "

(Christiane, Customer Service Manager - Controlling)

What was the coolest project you did at ABOUT YOU?

"My most exciting project at AY so far was to build up the new second-hand business. As one of our first circular fashion initiatives, this meant building up a new model from scratch and working with a variety of other teams at AY on a successful launch.”

(Julia, Junior Managerin Strategy & Business Development)

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