Trainee at ABOUT YOU

Dive in. Gain impressions. Take chances.

As a trainee at ABOUT YOU you will learn from one of the most innovative and successful e-commerce companies in Europe. You will be a significant part of our team right from the start and will be directly involved in the projects of your department. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in your field of expertise, improve your skills and become part of a young, creative and constantly evolving company.

Benefit from the tips and support of your buddy who will be there to advise you during your time as a trainee. Due to our flat hierarchies, you will receive feedback from far beyond your team and are able to quickly establish a network within ABOUT YOU. Get to know our corporate culture, values and working methods through exclusive events, seminars and workshops. Right from the start, we will give you the chance to work independently, to shape your future with us and to be taken on after the trainee program. You can start right away, so apply now!

Trainee Marketing

Learn from one of the best marketing machines in Europe.
During this trainee program, you will get to know our marketing teams in 18 months: Performance Marketing, Marketing Intelligence & Technology, Media Planning & Buying, CRM, CLOUD Growth Services, Marketing Growth. You will be working on real projects from the beginning, bringing in your ideas, and using the opportunity to gain marketing all rounder skills in a very short time. We are always looking for talent, so apply now!

E-Commerce Trainee

The Shortcut to your E-Commerce career.
Grow beyond yourself and into the e-commerce business in 18-24 months. In our e-commerce trainee programme, you have one thing above all – opportunities. Get to know selected areas of one of the largest e-commerce players in Europe in the shortest possible time: Strategy & Business Development, Buying, Logistics / International Markets and another desired department would also be possible. Get to know Business Development, optimise your project management know-how and immerse yourself in e-commerce KPIs. From the very beginning, you can get involved, develop ideas and drive projects forward. Improve your business skills, learn from your buddy, your teams and get an all-round insight into the E-Commerce retail business. The business strategy for you is: Apply now!

Trainee Tech

Become the simple solution to complex problems.
In our Tech Trainee Program you will gain the basic knowledge for professional IT project and product management in just 24 months. You can get to know four departments for six months each, and delve deep into the work processes. Possible areas are amongst others: IT Business Development, ABOUT YOU Commerce Suite, Checkout, Payment, Shop Applications, Business Intelligence & CRM and our Backend Retail or Core Processes. IT Business Development is a set area in our trainee program. Two further areas will be selected as required, and you are free to choose one area yourself. This will give you a comprehensive insight into ABOUT YOU Tech (B2B & B2C), and afterwards you will have laid the foundations for joining us directly as a project or product manager or even Product Lead. What we are waiting for? For your application!

Trainee Project Management Partner Program

Develop your management skills. As part of our Project Management Trainee, within 18-24 months you will learn how to communicate effectively with various stakeholders and make a real impact during project implementation. You will get to know selected areas in Procurement in a very short time: Supply Chain Management, Account Management, Inventory Management and Merchant Integration. You will become an expert in managing cross-functional projects and optimizing the direct data exchange between key partners and About You. What are you waiting for? Apply now!


We take responsibility for creating an inclusive and exceptional environment where all genders, nationalities and ethnicities feel welcomed and accepted exactly as they are. We believe that a diverse workforce essentially contributes to the ABOUT YOU culture. In order to maintain talent and diversity, we emphasize the care for physical health, mental health and overall well-being. Our values and work ethics essentially contribute to our brand mission: empower acceptance and shape an inclusive, fair and circular fashion culture.

Our open Positions

Meet the Trainee

What is your biggest learning throughout your traineeship so far?

"How to get things done, fast. ABOUT YOU is a fast moving company, and getting up to speed is a rewarding challenge."

(Yanis, Trainee Tech)

What makes it special to work at ABOUT YOU?

"Amazing people from various backgrounds who constantly aim to improve the company. You get a lot of responsibility even if you have not worked here for a long time. Also, some long-term friends have been made from our latest team trip to Amsterdam."


What makes it special to work at ABOUT YOU?

"From day one, I was encouraged to take over responsibility and share my ideas. No matter the position, everyone’s input is heard and valued. And the amazing colleagues don’t hurt either."


How does ABOUT YOU contribute to your personal development?

"What I like most about the trainee program is that it provides a cross-functional overview of the marketing side of E-Commerce. The traineeship affords me a business understanding that I couldn't get in any another position."


How does ABOUT YOU contribute to your personal development?

"ABOUT YOU provides me with an unprecedented learning path. Moreover AY accumulates people around me, which mature me both as a professional & a person. I've never thought that work can be so engaging, supportive & joyful."


How does ABOUT YOU contribute to your personal development?

"The combination of trust, responsibility and support that ABOUT YOU offers me helps me to leave my comfort zone and develop both professionally and personally."


What makes it special to work at ABOUT YOU?

"ABOUT YOU manages to create a working environment that motivates you to constantly work on yourself and your projects without losing your sense of joy. Transparent communication from the management and an exciting, fun and educational atmosphere among the employees contribute to this."


How does ABOUT YOU contribute to your personal development?

"At ABOUT YOU you receive a lot of responsibility right from the start, but there is always a helping hand from your team if you need it. In my opinion, that provides the ideal opportunity to unlock your full potential professionally while growing as a person."



Trainee Programm und Bewerbungsprozess

When does the trainee program start?

Anytime! As long as the position is advertised, it is still open.

What is the application process like?

Marketing Trainee: You will be sent a case study to work on. This assignment is the basis for the following interview. Afterwards, a second interview will be conducted with you. Your contact persons work in Performance Marketing and Director Marketing.

Business Trainee: You will be sent a case study to work on. This task is the basis for the following interview. Afterwards, a second interview will be conducted with you. Your contact persons work in Strategy & Business Development and Organizational Development.

Tech Trainee: You will receive a short personality test. Afterwards you will be given a case study to work on. This task is the basis for the subsequent interview with a recruiter. This is followed by three interviews with contacts from the Tech area.

Is there a possibility that I will be taken on after the trainee program ends?

That is basically the goal. If you fit into the team and your performance has convinced us, we will take you on.

What is the difference to starting as a junior?

Marketing: While you specialize in one area as a junior, in the trainee program you go through different areas and are therefore able to acquire a broader knowledge base.

Business: In the Business training program, you will go through different departments to gain a holistic understanding of e-commerce and retail.

Tech: In the Business Training Program you will go through different departments to gain a holistic understanding of Tech, as well as Project & Product Management. Your skills will be further developed through special coachings.

Can I apply for several trainee/junior positions?

Yes, that is of course possible. If you want to apply for several positions at the same time, please send us your preferred prioritization of the positions in your cover letter so that we can coordinate internally.

Which areas will I get to know? Can I pick and choose them?

Marketing: During the trainee program, you will get to know various areas. Performance marketing is always the main focus. In addition, we will discuss other useful departments with you.

Business: The basis of the Business Trainee Program is always our Strategy & Business Development Team. After that, you can choose between different departments which will be selected in coordination with you and the departments. After passing through 3 departments, you still have the option of a fourth desired department.

Tech: The Tech Trainee Program starts with IT Business Development. After that you will get to know two more departments which we will select according to capacity. You can choose one department yourself.

What is the best time to apply? Is there an application deadline?

You can start the trainee program at any time. We do not have any application deadlines or similar requirements. However, please let us know your possible starting date in your application. As long as the positions are online on our corporate website, an application is possible.

Further questions?