ABOUT YOU is committed to responsible corporate governance. Alongside creativity, individuality, and entrepreneurship, integrity is a fundamental value of ABOUT YOU and our corporate culture. For us, responsible corporate governance also means complying with legal requirements, internal rules, and ethical standards, including general human rights. Compliance is therefore an important part of ABOUT YOU’s corporate culture. In order to prevent compliance violations and, if they do occur, to investigate, remedy, and sanction them, we have created a whistleblower system through which employees, business partners, and third parties can contact us.


We offer several ways to report compliance violations: Whistleblowers can either contact the Legal & Compliance Team of ABOUT YOU directly by email ([email protected]), via mail to ABOUT YOU Holding SE, Legal & Compliance, Domstraße 10, 20095 Hamburg, Germany or use our special whistleblowing system at https://www.bkms-system.com/aboutyou. The whistleblowing tool is available 24/7 worldwide, 365 days a year, and also allows whistleblowers to choose to contact us anonymously. Further information on how to submit a whistleblowing case can be found here. Employees of ABOUT YOU can also contact their manager directly. The manager is responsible for forwarding a report of a compliance violation to the Legal & Compliance Team.


In accordance with our internal process for investigations, reports – whether anonymous or not – are forwarded to the Legal & Compliance Team. This team has Group-wide responsibility for compliance at ABOUT YOU. Regardless of whether a case is submitted anonymously or not, ABOUT YOU treats every case confidentially and does not tolerate any discrimination against or consequences for persons who submit a case in good faith (i.e. not for abusive purposes). All data transmitted to us in the context of a case will be treated confidentially and will only be stored and used for the purpose of clarifying a possible infringement within the framework of the respective applicable legal regulations.


We kindly ask for your understanding that our whistleblowing systems should only be used to report breaches of law, our Code of Conduct, or any other of our policies. General complaints or product and warranty claims will not be handled via these channels.