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Innovation meets Fashion

ABOUT YOU is an ambitious and fast-growing e-commerce startup with its headquarters in Hamburg. As a technology and fashion-corporation, along with our strong team, we work to make shopping for fashion more inspiring and personal for a young target group.

We were already able to win more than half a million customers with our Fashion-Online-Shop www.aboutyou.de. The shop stands out through its vast selection of merchandise, inspiration and a personalized shopping experience.

350 employees

From 25 different countries

With an average
of 29 years

Do you want to work with us?

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We are constantly on the lookout for new talents – whether it be for a permanent position, an internship or a working student. Apply now!

155 Total job offers 17 Internship spots open 16 Working students to be found 9 Freelancer 110 Permanent position

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