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Bella x ABOUT YOU: The Online Fashion Store and the Supermodel to Launch their Second Collection Providing a Throwback to the 2000s

On April 5, 2023, ABOUT YOU and the international fashion icon and entrepreneur Bella Hadid present their second joint collection. Once again inspired by Bella’s own style and her passion for fashion design, the Spring/Summer collection 2023 is even more personal and brings the supermodel’s wardrobe into the closets of her fans and followers. The stylish pieces will be available in all ABOUT YOU online stores – with worldwide shipping options – starting on April 5 at 6 pm (CET).

Following the huge success of the first Bella x ABOUT YOU Capsule Collection, the Spring/Summer collection 2023 maintains Bella Hadid’s signature 2000s look yet takes it one step further. Throughout the creative process, the online fashion store and the supermodel explored the different facets of her character, fashion preferences, role models, as well as her favorite noughties’ vintage designer collections and used them to conceptualize three overarching design ideas for the new pieces: ‘Courtcore Realness’, ‘The Simple Life’, and ‘Stunt Girl Night Out’.

‘Courtcore Realness’ stems from Bella’s passion for tennis and imitates the outfits worn by tennis legends on the Wimbledon courts of the 90s and 2000s: Clean white shapes and colors meet minimalist details to create sporty looks consisting of loose knit hoodies for the transitional season, simple high-waisted jersey tops, and oversized sports pants. ‘The Simple Life’ includes more romantic pieces and refers to Bella’s dreamy and playful side: Classic check patterns and woven fabrics in cream and rose cast a nostalgic glance at the USA of the noughties, while representing a brief throwback to Bella Hadid’s childhood at the same time. Special details such as small angel wings, butterfly prints, as well as ruffles and lace applications reinforce the lovely look of the pieces. A deliberate contrast to this is created by the third design theme: ‘Stunt Girl Night Out’ is sexy and rebellious. Racing leather jackets and cool miniskirts create outfits like from the famous movie ‘Kill Bill’ as a tribute to the stunt girls of the 90s and 2000s. Jeans with acid wash effect,low-waist pants with oversized metal belts, and fiery red accents radiate sexiness and adventure. Sporty striped patterns reflect the motocross trend of the noughties and add real vintage vibes to the collection. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Bella once again and with her exceptional understanding of fashion trends, to design a second collection that absolutely captures the zeitgeist. Her iconic Y2K style ensures the value recognition of the new pieces and gives every wardrobe that certain something that Bella embodies in all her looks,” emphasizes Sofia Hagemeier, Head of Exclusive Cooperations at ABOUT YOU.

The shooting concept refers to another trend of the decade: the ‘sleaze aesthetic’. This finds its origin in the 2000s party scene and is characterized by elements such as dark eyeliner, tousled hair, and messy outfits. Bella Hadid, who likes to wear this style herself, is thus shown from an undisguised and intimate side. In contrast to the posed and glossy images of the first campaign, private and authentic moments with the supermodel are created this time. Matching the Y2K vibe of the styles, Bella combines soft and feminine with a grungy attitude, recreating the iconic imagery of the late 90s.

The 58 pieces by ‘Bella x ABOUT YOU’ collection will be available in all ABOUT YOU online stores from April 5. The collection pieces are available in sizes 34-44 and range from between 29.90 € to 119.90 €.

High-resolution images of the campaign can be downloaded here. 



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