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HYPEWEAR – Digital Fashion by ABOUT YOU: The fashion tech company launches a digital fashion platform

It’s all ABOUT YOU! With the new platform for digital fashion by ABOUT YOU, there are simply no physical limits to self-expression anymore: HYPEWEAR is a first mover in providing the mainstream with fashion NFTs. True to the motto ‘From Tech to Human’, NFTs become not only affordable for digital fashion fans but also accessible without any crypto knowledge. This makes the platform one of the pioneers in the market. For the launch of HYPEWEAR, every new customer receives a voucher for a free fashion NFT upon registration.

The go-live and registration period for HYPEWEAR starts on 12 April 2022, with the alpha version being launched within the next two months: www.hypewear.io.

Currently, there is no way around non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They have made their way beyond the art scene into the fashion industry. Various luxury and sports brands have been launching highly limited collections in digital showrooms, causing enormous hype. What has previously been reserved for only a few wealthy high-fashion lovers with crypto knowledge, is now accessible to everyone by ABOUT YOU: with HYPEWEAR, Europe’s fast-growing fashion tech company places the first digital fashion store for the mainstream on the market. 

HYPEWEAR offers an unprecedented digital fashion store for all fashion-forward fans and NFT enthusiasts. A unique feature is that prior knowledge of cryptocurrency is not necessary, as the payment ought to be possible in euros and US dollars in future releases on HYPEWEAR. An innovation that further enables the broad masses of Gen Z and Y to conquer the digital fashion world and enjoy life without social norms and physical boundaries. HYPEWEAR’s vision: everyone can be who and what they want. By founding the NFT platform HYPEWEAR, ABOUT YOU takes the next logical step towards its mission to support customers in freely expressing themselves through fashion and showing their personality.

Tarek Müller, co-founder and co-CEO of ABOUT YOU: “The metaverse opened up a new, exciting world for companies and fashion. At ABOUT YOU, we also aim to help shape it. With HYPEWEAR, we are bringing our brand into the digital world and enabling everyone to be a part of it from now on. It is our vision that all physical fashion pieces can also be used as digital assets one day. We want to become the destination for digital fashion and the mainstream wardrobe of the metaverse.” 

Julian Jansen, Director Content ABOUT YOU: “We believe that in the future, many physical fashion pieces will also be feasible as digital fashion items in our wallet.”

For the platform’s fashion assortment, ABOUT YOU works with leading 3D-fashion and graphic designers as well as classic brands from fashion, sports, music, and gaming. The digital designs are launched weekly in limited drops of exclusive one-of-a-kind items on HYPEWEAR. There are no physical limits to the collection pieces. To wear the digital fashion and bring it into real life, customers upload a photo on HYPEWEAR and the pieces are tailored to the user’s body in a digital fitting. Afterward, the limited 3D pieces can be shared on social media channels. 

Marius Bingener, Team Lead Content Development: “In the next few years, the metaverse will become more important and we see great potential: we strongly believe in a transition phase of augmented reality, where your physical self presents digital fashion on social media, breaking down the boundaries of today’s fashion world and reaching an even larger audience.”

Chris Nickel, Director Content: “We chose Algorand as our blockchain partner because it is fast, scalable, secure, and even CO2-negative. Algorand, unlike Ethereum for example, can process thousands of transactions per second with transaction costs in the micro-cent range. This allows us to offer the minting of NFTs to our customers for free – without any gas fees.”

During the registration phase on 12 April 2022, anyone interested can sign up for a free registration via e-mail at www.hypewear.io and will receive a voucher for a free, strictly limited NFT fashion piece for the launch of the alpha version in the next two months. With the help of a teaser video on HYPEWEAR’s landing page, fashion fans without NFT experience can find quick and easy access to ABOUT YOU’s digital fashion store. The go-live sign-up phase is supported by marketing activation activities on ABOUT YOU’s various social media channels.

Find more information about HYPEWEAR here.
High-resolution images can be downloaded here

HYPEWEAR is the digital fashion store of the fashion tech company ABOUT YOU. The digital store for fashion NFTs offers an assortment of luxury and streetwear from leading 3D-fashion and graphic designers as well as classic brands from fashion, sports, music and gaming. The digital designs are launched weekly on HYPEWEAR in limited drops of exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces.

ABOUT YOU digitises the classic shopping stroll by creating an inspiring and personalised shopping experience on the smartphone. At ABOUT YOU, the focus is on the customers, who are supported in expressing themselves individually through fashion. On the website aboutyou.com and the multi-award winning ABOUT YOU app, customers find versatile inspiration and more than 400,000 items from over 2,000 brands. With more than 30 million unique monthly active users, ABOUT YOU is one of the largest fashion and lifestyle platforms in Europe. It is currently active in 26 European markets. With SCAYLE, the fashion tech company also offers its own e-commerce infrastructure as a licensed product. The shares of ABOUT YOU are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and were admitted to the SDAX® index in September 2021.

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