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Train according to your menstrual cycle: ABOUT YOU launches co-branded campaign with Nike and breaks social norms by talking about menstrual cycles together with model Stefanie Giesinger

  • ABOUT YOU and Nike develop their third co-branded campaign with Stefanie Giesinger for the launch of Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2
  • Nike breaks the taboo to talk openly about harnessing the power of your menstrual cycle
  • Nike has recently launched a new workout series adapted to the phases of the menstrual cycle in the NTC app
  • The ABOUT YOU Media House team produced the co-branded campaign in-house
  • From 06 February 2021, the co-branded campaign will be played out for two weeks on social media, Youtube and at ABOUT YOU Onsite

The menstrual cycle is still a taboo topic for many women. ABOUT YOU and Nike have taken this as an opportunity to address the relevant topic of the menstrual cycle in their jointly developed campaign for the launch of the new Nike SuperRep training shoe. Nike and ABOUT YOU come together to motivate women to find out about their menstrual cycle and use it to their advantage, so that they can unleash their full potential in sports.

The campaign’s ambassador, model Stefanie Giesinger, wants to support and motivate young women in particular to talk about the taboo topic and normalise it. Steffi is explaining, more openly than ever, how she deals with it: “I am very connected to my own body, I pay close attention to myself and my cycle. I have also learned that it is completely okay to talk openly about the topic. I want to encourage other women to do the same and I’m proud to be the face of the co-branded campaign by ABOUT YOU and Nike.”

Exercise can not only help to reduce period discomfort, it has been proven that the hormonal changes during the cycle can be used to improve natural performance. Training according to your cycle will result in greater progress – which is why Nike not only offers free workouts through its NTC app but also provides education on the three different phases of the menstrual cycle.

ABOUT YOU and Nike present the third campaign to emerge from the fashion online shop’s content forge. The innovative campaign format was shot in Berlin under the strict conditions of a hygiene concept. The creative direction and production of the campaign was handled and implemented in-house at ABOUT YOU.

From 06. February 2021 on, the co-branded campaign will be played out for two weeks on all social media channels, Youtube and at ABOUT YOU Onsite, as well as extended via Stefanie Giesinger’s Instagram channel and the NTC app. The centrepiece of the campaign is a 60-second and 30-second “hero film” that powerfully supports the campaign’s empowerment message and impressively showcases the innovation behind the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2, together with Stefanie Giesinger as a role model for young women. The content includes interview sequences as well as recommendations for training sequences to follow in the NTC app.  ABOUT YOU once again proves itself as a full service media house and marketing pioneer for creative output.

The “Nike Air Zoom SuperRep” is available for men and women in various colours (sizes 36.5 – 46.5) at from 119.00 euros.

High resolution images + video footage of the campaign can be downloaded here.

The topic’s relevance is shown by statistics from Strava. About 80% of the women surveyed suffer from at least one symptom per menstrual cycle, such as tension in the breasts, loss of energy or sadness. Many women do not know that there is a connection between physical activity and their menstrual cycle and that it can even help.

About the ABOUT YOU Group

ABOUT YOU digitized the traditional shopping stroll and creates a personalized shopping experience on the smartphone. The fashion online shop adapts to the individual style of each customer showing only relevant products and outfit suggestions. At ABOUT YOU, the customer is in the main focus and is supported  to express himself individually through fashion. Women and men between 18 and 49 years of age will find an assortment of more than 300.000 items from over 1.500 brands on and in the multiple award-winning ABOUT YOU app, in addition to a wide variety of inspiration. With over 27 million active users each month, ABOUT YOU is one of the largest fashion and lifestyle platforms in Europe. The Fashion Online-Shop is currently active in 19 European markets. With ABOUT YOU CLOUD, the fashion- and tech-company also offers its own state-of-the-art e-commerce infrastructure as a licensed product for other retailers. In 2019/20 ABOUT YOU generated a turnover of 742 million euros, which corresponds to an annual transaction volume of over 2.5 billion euros. With a company valuation of more than one billion US dollars, ABOUT YOU is the first unicorn from Hamburg.

ABOUT YOU GmbH was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of the Otto Group and is now part of the group portfolio. The management team includes serial entrepreneurs and digital experts Tarek Müller (32, Marketing & Brands) and Sebastian Betz (30, Tech & Product), as well as former Roland Berger-strategist Hannes Wiese (38, Operations & Finance).

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