We love Fashion.
And we take Responsibility
for our actions.

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A Message from ABOUT YOU CO-CEO Tarek Müller

In 2014, we started our journey into the world of fashion and e-commerce, and a lot has happened since then. While we have grown to more than 1,000 employees and expanded into 23 countries, we have always seen our purpose in empowering people to find and express themselves through fashion. Here at ABOUT YOU, this means advocating diversity, tolerance and self-confidence.

We want to take responsibility for the planet we share and the people we connect with. Therefore, we need to rethink our business to drive meaningful change now. Driven by this purpose of meaningful engagement, customer demand for sustainability and the increasing importance of NGOs and regulators, we are working to make this awareness the basis of our business decisions. We have launched the following core initiatives to move closer to the future of fashion:


Leave a positive impact on the planet's environment by designing an eco-friendly and circular business model.


Create an inclusive environment for top-talent to thrive.


Ensure agency, accountability and stewardship within both ABOUT YOU and the wider community.

By using our collective power and voice, we also want to solve problems outside our business model. We want to communicate circularity and conscious fashion choices and acknowledge our responsibility as a global fashion player to our planet and society by establishing new ways of making and distributing fashion.

This report will help you understand why Planet, People & Society are at the core of what moves ABOUT YOU. It provides insights on our specific efforts, why ABOUT YOU was founded, and the vision, mission and values that keep us going.