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In addition to an efficient ordering process, the use of Coupa enables faster processing and payment of invoices. Thanks to the electronic transmission in Coupa, data transfer is made in a few seconds and thus an automated invoice processing is supported.
There are several invoicing options available for our suppliers, which are explained on this page.


CXML is a standardized format for the transmission of electronic documents. Many companies use CXML instead of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to send and receive orders or invoices. This format is a protocol for exchanging data, which creates a direct link between the supplier’s ERP system and ABOUT YOU. This reduces the manual effort involved in creating invoices.
Since the connection via CXML requires a higher integration effort, we only recommend this if more than 100 invoices are created per week.

Suppliers who would like to implement this way of invoicing with ABOUT YOU are welcome to contact [email protected] for more information.

CSP - Coupa Supplier Portal

The CSP offers suppliers a comprehensive online service for processing transactions, including direct access to all invoices. It also provides the ability to convert orders into invoices, create credit notes and view the status of invoices. Catalog data can also be uploaded, viewed and updated in the CSP.

To use the CSP, a one-time free registration is required for suppliers, which can be done by an invitation link sent via email. This is not required if suppliers already use the CSP with other customers.

This option is recommended for suppliers with more than one invoice per week. Suppliers who would like to implement this way of invoicing can register for the CSP under an invitation link sent by ABOUT YOU.

Find a detailed introduction of the COUPA Supplier Portal here: Download

SFTP Server

Files in CSV format can be transferred from suppliers to ABOUT YOU via an SFTP server. For this, an SFTP account must first be set up in the Coupa Supplier Portal.
Suppliers who would like to implement this way of invoicing with ABOUT YOU are welcome to contact [email protected] for more information.

Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN)

SAN offers suppliers the possibility to start the invoicing process via the order received by e-mail. Via a link integrated in the email, the order can be converted into an invoice without prior registration with Coupa.
With one click, suppliers are redirected to the Coupa website, where the order can be converted into an invoice.
This option is particularly suitable for suppliers who rarely send invoices to ABOUT YOU. Suppliers who want to implement this way of invoicing with ABOUT YOU do not need to take any further steps and can create their invoices from the email with the order sent by ABOUT YOU.

Most Frequently Ask Questions

COUPA Supplier Portal CSP

What is the Supplier Portal CSP?

The Coupa Supplier Portal, short CSP, is a free online service for suppliers to easily map transactions with ABOUT YOU. Among other things, the CSP enables our suppliers to: 

  • receive and display orders
  • create, display and send electronic invoices to ABOUT YOU
  • create and manage electronic catalogs
  • update supplier masterdata

What are the costs if I want to register in the CSP?

The CSP is a free service and can be used by all suppliers.

How can I register for the Coupa Supplier Portal CSP?

Suppliers who already work with ABOUT YOU will automatically receive an email with a link where they can register for the CSP. New suppliers will also receive an invitation link from ABOUT YOU. 

Our suppliers can also find more information about registration in this document.

Where can I log in to the CSP?

After registration, suppliers can log in with the assigned user data at http://Supplier.coupahost.com.

How can I delete my account in the CSP?

Suppliers who no longer wish to work with ABOUT YOU or the CSP can have their account deactivated at [email protected].

How can I recover my password?

To recover the password, suppliers can click on "Forgot password" in the CSP login screen and follow the steps given here. An email will then be sent in which the password can be reset and recovered. 

How can I activate or deactivate two-factor authentication?

After logging in to CSP, two-factor authentication can be activated and also deactivated again under Account Settings under the login name. 

How can I check if I am connected to ABOUT YOU via the CSP?

All customers to whom a supplier is connected are displayed at the bottom right of the home page. 

How can I add ABOUT YOU as an additional customer in the CSP if I am already connected to customers there?

Through the invitation link that ABOUT YOU sends to the Coupa Supplier Portal to all suppliers, the connection can be established without affecting the connection to already existing customers. 

How can I add another user for the CSP?

Additional users can be invited in the menu under Admin via the tab Users. 

What should I do if I have received an invitation to the CSP but I am not the right contact person?

Please forward the invitation to the appropriate department or person in this case.


How do I create an invoice in CSP?

Invoices can be created in the Coupa Supplier Portal in the menu under Orders. Suppliers who are connected to more than one customer in Coupa, first have to select the corresponding customer in the selection list for which. 

In the order overview that appears, the order can then be selected and an invoice created by clicking on the icon with the yellow coins. 

How can I create an invoice without a purchase order reference?

In the Coupa Supplier Portal, invoices can only be created without a PO reference if this has been previously set in the supplier data at ABOUT YOU.  All suppliers who use the other ways of invoicing with ABOUT YOU can create their invoices without specifying a PO number without further ado. 

However, as soon as an order is received from ABOUT YOU, we ask all suppliers to include it, as this is important for the internal assignment of the invoice and prevents possible delays in processing. 

How can I send invoices to ABOUT YOU?

There are several options available for invoicing our suppliers:

  • CXML
  • SFTP server
  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)
  • Supplier Actionable Notification (SAN)
  • E-mail 

Further information can be found under ABOUT INVOICING on this website. We are also available at [email protected] to answer any further questions.

Where can I view the status of my invoices?

Under the Invoices tab in the CSP menu, you can view all invoices that have been sent to ABOUT YOU or are still in the draft stage. 

How can I issue invoices for a (framework) contract?

Suppliers who have a (framework) contract with ABOUT YOU do not need to follow any special guidelines when issuing invoices. If a contract number is available, this can ideally be indicated on the invoice. 

How do I create a credit note to partially or completely cancel my invoice?

Under the Orders menu item in the Coupa Supplier Portal, a credit note can be created by clicking on the red coin icon. The first step is to select the order for which either a negative quantity or a negative amount can then be entered into the credit note. It is also possible to select whether the entire invoice or only a part of it should be credited. 

Outside the Coupa Supplier Portal, a credit note can be created as usual and sent to ABOUT YOU. It is advantageous to specify the order for internal allocation in this case too.

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