Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Until when can I apply for a position?

If you can find the position published on our corporate website we are still looking for someone. Feel free to apply!

Can I send you my application via e-mail?

Unfortunately, we don't generally accept applications via e-mail. Therefore, please use the button "Apply Now" and apply via our application tool smartrecruiters. That way, we can guarantee a smooth process for you.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Sure, if you are interested in more than one position just apply for the others as well. Just make sure to prioritize them. Don't worry, this has absolutely no negative influence on you and your application. The prioritization helps us to make the process as easy and fast as possible for you.

When do I get feedback?

Usually you get feedback after 3-5 working days. In the first step of the process, so after you first applied, this might take a little longer as we want to take our time to properly look at your application and sometimes need to wait for feedback from other stakeholders involved in the recruitment process. Feel free to reach out again if you feel like your feedback might have slipped through.

I have not received any feedback after I applied. What can I do?

Usually you get feedback after 3-5 working days. In vacation or peak times feedback times can get up to 2 weeks. In case you haven't heard back from us there could be following reasons: 1) You have entered a wrong e-mail when applying. 2) Our e-mail went to your spam folder. 3) Your application hasn't gone through the system and could not be reviewed. 4) Our recruitment process is blocked by internal decisions or vacations. In either way, please reach out to us via the phone number provided at the respective job advertisement. We will get back to you asap :)

I have been rejected and would like to know why.

Unfortunately, due to the amount or applications it is not manageable by the recruitment team to get back to every candidate individually. In case a personal interview has been conducted, we try to reach out to people over the phone to give a more detailed feedback. In any case, please don't hesitate to apply again in the future since our requirements might change for different positions. To ensure you're always up to date regardring our current openings, you mught susbscribe to our Job Newsletter or create a Job Alert :)

How can I keep up with the job openings?

If you want to be the first one to apply for our new job openings, you would a a great additoin to our Job Newsletter community! Additionally, you can create a job alert here to stay up to date.

What components does a great application at ABOUT YOU consist of?

A great application for us is one that provides us with a bigger picture of you that exceeds just your professional background. Of course, it is important to add a detailed CV, that shows us why you are a great fit for the position. But other than that, we would like to find out, what excites you, what you are passionate about and why you would be a great asset for ABOUT YOU personality-wise. Simply write a few lines about yourself, add a current CV, a link to your LinkedIn or XING profile and references (if you have some) and you're good to go!

Application process for working students & interns

What is the best way to apply?

Please use the button "Apply Now" and apply via our application tool smartrecruiters. That way, we can guarantee a smooth process for you!

What documents are needed for my application as intern or working student?

Please add your CV plus your current/latest transcript of records and a certificate of enrollment. It might also be nice to mention for how long you will still be enrolled and provide us with some information about your moduls or your main field of studies.

What does the recruiting process look like?

First of all: Some processes may deviate from this example, because each department is defining the process for their teams individually, but this is the usual procedure :) After we have received your application and reviewed it, we will reach out to you with the intention to schedule a first interview. If you are located in Germany, this will most likely be a phone interview with an HR employee . If the first interview was successfull, there will be a deep dive with the Hiring Managers, who are representatives from the teams and will discuss technical/concrete job-related questions. Prior or post to the deep dive, there might be a case study for some positions, that needs to be solved by the applicant indepedently.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Sure, if you are intereseted in more than one position just apply for the others as well.

How far in advance should I apply for an internship at AY?

You don't need to apply for an internship with us too far in advance. 2-3 months before the planned start of the internship is sufficient.

Further questions and tips for working students & interns

How many hours can I work at AY as a student?

As a working student, the max. working time per week is 20 hours. In your semester break you are free to work up to 40 hours per week if you want to.

How long is the probation period for working students?

Usually, the probation period for working students is 3 months.

Are working students integrated closely in the teams?

We believe that working students are just as crucial for the success of our teams as our full-time employees. Therefore, we try our best to integrate the working students in the best possible way. With daily stand-ups in most of our teams and working students lunches, we think that we've found a good way to ensure team spirit as well as the close communication with and between our working students.

What will I gain/take away from my internship at AY?

In addition to payment and numerous benefits, as an intern with us, you will have the opportunity to be part of our great growth. You will be a member of one of our diverse teams with a wide range of strengths and expertise. During your time with us, you will take on a lot of responsibility and learn a variety of new things.

Do you also provide visa support for interns?

Unfortunately, we can only accept applications for internships if the candidate is either an EU citizen or does already have/is eligible for a UK working permit. Please note that before submitting your application.