Benefit from Retail Media: Cross-Channel & Highly Authentic

Why retail media?

ABOUT YOU Brand Relations & Retail Media offers authentic integration into the ABOUT YOU cosmos through a variety of placements up to unique 360° multichannel campaigns – always with brand-needs and campaign goals in mind and in close exchange with our partners.

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Retail Media Opportunities

Brand Marketing

Increase your brand awareness through unique campaigns on all our ABOUT YOU channels. We offer suitable on-site options in the form of brand banners or shoppable outfits, place you in a targeted manner on our social media platforms, and use CRM measures such as an integration in our content newsletter. We use your campaign material natively in the ABOUT YOU cosmos and create organic reach beyond the campaign period using campaign landing pages and other options.

Campaign Manager

For a strong focus on performance, you can use our 'Campaign Manager' to place sponsored products ads and use bids to improve the listing of your products within the ABOUT YOU shop categories.

Live Shopping

Push your brands and collections in live shows and create a digital shopping experience for your target group in the countries relevant to you. Direct interaction with the show host creates an emotional link to your brand and questions can be answered immediately in chat. The live shopping feature in the ABOUT YOU shop allows consumers to buy products directly, save them in the shopping cart or wish list for later, or stay on your brand page without leaving the current show.


Create unique experiences with your brand at exclusive ABOUT YOU events such as the ABOUT YOU Awards, ABOUT YOU Fashion Week, and the ABOUT YOU Pangea Festival. Benefit from the reach of the events, the unique show concepts, the direct interaction with your target group, and the digital extension in the ABOUT YOU shop and on social media.

Best Practices


Together with PUMA, we have developed an impressive 360° concept for the ABOUT YOU PANGEA FESTIVAL two years in a row. The Puma Basketball Court held excitement for all skill levels, offered various training sessions and workshops, and was placed in the heart of the ABOUT YOU Pangea Festival. A content production on the basketball court extended the event placement on the digital channels. In addition to numerous experiences on the court, many other contact points were created via social media and in the ABOUT YOU shop

360° Concept

PUMA x ABOUT YOU event integration with a strong digital extension over various channels

Unique Experience

Basketball, Trampoline, Workshops, Show Acts, Photo Shootings


Festival Visitors


Digital Touchpoints


Since the launch of the Campaign Manager, Lascana has successfully used the Sponsored Product Ads for itself. By constantly improving the campaign setup, they achieve high profitability and at the same time increase the visibility of their products in the ABOUT YOU shop. They rely on always-on campaigns that focus on product groups such as swimwear, underwear, fashion, and accessories.




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To increase the visibility of Redpoint’s winter jackets, Redpoint’s brand owner and manufacturer, Ospig, set up a sponsored products campaign in Campaign Manager. During the campaign period, more than 35% of all Redpoint winter jacket sales came from the Sponsored Products tool.






Sponsored Sales Share

Baby Sweets

After their successful test campaign, Baby Sweets launched an always-on approach for their performance-based campaigns in Campaign Manager (Sponsored Products Ads). They are pursuing the strategy of boosting their entire product range in five countries in order to better understand the brand performance and to grow successfully in these countries.




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CHRIST started using the Campaign Manager tool for their sponsored products campaigns on ABOUT YOU in early 2022. After a successful trial campaign, the team decided to follow an always-on approach to push sales and is continuing to see strong results.


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