Complaints Procedure (Rules of Procedure)

Our complaints procedure enables individuals to report misconduct by ABOUT YOU employees or other persons. This applies in particular to


Criminal offences, in particular, but not exclusively, in the areas of corruption, competition law, fraud and breach of trust, violation of legally protected secrets, criminal manipulation, money laundering or misuse of data;
Criminal offences and administrative offences in the areas of environmental protection and occupational health and safety;
Attempted and preparatory acts for criminal offences;
Administrative offences subject to fines, insofar as the violated regulation serves to protect life, limb or health or to protect the rights of employees or their representative bodies;
Violations of labour law regulations that may justify termination without notice for good cause, in particular violations of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), (sexual) harassment and bullying.

The complaints procedure also enables individuals to point out human rights or environmental risks as well as violations of human rights or environmental obligations that have arisen as a result of the business activities of ABOUT YOU or one of our suppliers. A violation of a protected legal position or human rights or environmental obligation is any behaviour that violates one of the prohibitions listed in Section 2 (2) and (3) of the German Supply Chain Act, namely


the prohibition of child labour;
the prohibition of forced labour and all forms of slavery;
disregard for occupational health and safety and work-related health hazards;
the disregard for freedom of association, freedom of unionisation and the right to collective bargaining;
the prohibition of unequal treatment in employment;
the prohibition of withholding an appropriate wage;
the destruction of the natural basis of life through environmental pollution;
the unlawful violation of land rights;
the prohibition of hiring or using private/public security forces that may cause harm due to lack of training or control;
the prohibition of […] actions or omissions in breach of duty that are directly capable of impairing a protected legal position (arising from human rights agreements within the meaning of Section 2 (1) LkSG) in a particularly serious manner and the unlawfulness of which is obvious when all relevant circumstances are reasonably assessed;
the prohibited production, use and/or disposal of mercury (Minamata Convention);
the prohibited production and/or use of substances within the scope of the Stockholm Convention (POPs) and the environmentally unsound handling of waste containing POPs;
the prohibited import/export of hazardous waste within the meaning of the Basel Convention.

Our rules of procedure for the complaints procedure are available here.