Our people

Our people are what
makes ABOUT YOU thrive.

We take responsibility for creating an exceptional, inclusive environment to attract and develop talent from all over the world.
Gender, nationality or ethnicity should never be barriers – neither in society nor at ABOUT YOU.

We believe that a diverse workforce contributes significantly to the ABOUT YOU culture. In order to retain talent and diversity, we emphasize and promote care for employees’ physical and mental health and well-being. Thus, we focus efforts for our people along three dimensions.

ABOUT health
and well-being

We nurture the well-being and health of our employees,
focusing on both physical and mental health aspects.

Our approach:

We are committed to providing an attractive and healthy working environment for all our employees. To fulfil our commitment, we continuously improve existing and introduce new initiatives focused on employee needs as required. We continuously monitor progress along these two dimensions via monthly employee engagement surveys as well as analysis in cooperation with our health insurance partners.

Our progress in 2020:

  • Employee satisfaction and net promoter score (eNPS) above technology branch average
  • Introduction of dedicated mental health services such as anonymous counselling both virtual or in person
  • Significantly fewer sick days than the industry average

ABOUT diversity

We create an inclusive environment where every employee
can bring their true self to work.

Our approach:

We believe that working together in diverse teams, bringing together different backgrounds and perspectives, leads to better entrepreneurial decisions and fulfillment of customer needs. But diversity and inclusiveness go beyond our own workforce. It must be part of how we think about our products, our suppliers and our customers. That’s why we will continue our efforts to promote the integration of diversity with the brands and partners we work with.

Our progress in 2020:

  • Achieving a female share of 62% across all our departments as well as 53% amongst our leads
  • Employing over 65 different nationalities
  • Introducing our new HR project circle Diversity
    & Inclusion and conducting our first company-wide anti-discrimination survey

ABOUT talent acquisition and development

We aim to attract and develop the best talent from all over the world.

Our approach:

Tech talent is scarce. The ongoing digitalization across all industries fuels “the war for talent”. We recognize this situation as well as the value of the talent we have assembled at ABOUT YOU. Furthermore, talent development is still an underdeveloped area even in tech-companies and scale-ups. We pursue a dedicated strategy to attract and develop talent.

Our progress in 2020:

  • Welcoming over 400 new colleagues and
    reaching our 1,000 employee mark
  • Achieving a share of 75% of leaders younger
    than 35 years old
  • Expanding our trainee program across all
    three business units and now offering
    positions in marketing, business and tech