About Jana

Jana is Fashion Stylist at ABOUT YOU. She likes das Leben, Skandinavisches Design und Matcha Tea.

PREVIOUS ACTIVITY: Freelancer and &other stories
TO ME; ABOUT YOU IS: Unconventional, fast, very very young.

Jana is a Stylist at ABOUT YOU’s in-house photo studio. She is responsible for all the outfits that are shot on the model as well as the management of clothes collection, including shoes, accessories and purchased items. Her favourite moment of the day is when a great model is shot with a perfectly fitted outfit – simply wonderful. According to Jana, her team is highly effective because everybody gets along and there is a nice atmosphere on the set. “Working in a young company is great! Decision-making is fast and new ideas are tested and dismissed. Everybody contributes.”

Her advice to future applicants in the interview process is to have trust and not to pressure oneself to be perfect!